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Grand Prix.


The Derby

Tomy Pocket Games

Racing Game / Speedway

In 1977, it was renamed Racing Game. At
some unknown later date it was renamed
again to Speedway. A later identical UK
version was called Stock Car Star.

Shown in the 75 & 76 catalogues, is the
same game but featuring a black spinner
circle, darker looking cars and wiithout
Tomy Pocket Game written on it. Since
this is identical to the early Japanese
Pocketmate, my guess at the moment
is that Japanese Pocketmates were
used for these early pictures and
therefore, it is not counted as a different
Tomy Pocket Game.



Japanese Tomy Pocketmates

Thai Catalogue #:   Thai Catalogue: 2, 17, 110

Comic Boy #10 with packet rear, Cockroach Hunter





Perhaps the most 'classic' of all the games. This is the one that even people who aren't interested remember.

Other versions

Speedway (chequered version).

A new version with a chequered background also exists but this has never been seen as a Tomy Pocket Game. Instead, slightly bizarrely, it has been seen in 3 guises - a Coleco Pocketful, a Milton Bradley Pocketful and a Tomy Pocketful.






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