The Complete List of Original Japanese Games

The number of games released in Japan is around 130 but the reference numbers that have been used for them are overlapping and confusing. Even Japanese collectors have apparently had great trouble attempting to form a definitive list. None-the-less, that's what I've tried to do and I have various resources to do it with.

One of the resources is other collectors - if you can add to this information, please flip me an email. I am missing one or two pictures of games, too. If you can scan a missing game (pref. at 75dpi), that would be much appreciated.

Another resource was a list of games in an internal Tomy catalogue. It turns out that all or virtually every single pictured game was a Japanese release. So it certainly forms a good starting point for determining the full list of Japanese games. With this was put the evidence derived from real games obtained and noticed on auction websites and a third list from a Japanese website to determine the full list of Japanese games. For now I have split them into 2 halves:


The original Japanese Pocketmates


Following these games, a variety of different sets have subsequently been released. Three were the aberrant new smaller "slim" style series. All the rest featured no new designs - just pre-existing games given a make-over and re-released in a new guise.

List of the later games


That makes a total of 83 + 46 = 129 games + 3 "slim-style" game



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