Other TOMY Pocket Games

The main lists on this website are the original set of UK Pocketeers, the original US Tomy Pocket Games and, of course, Japanese Pocketmates. However, games continued to be released after their heydays in these countries and they have certainly also been released in a number of other countries. This page gives a flavour.

The Rest of the World

Here are two examples of a French game from Egbert Metz and 3 Argentinian games from Darren Lumby. The Argentinian games seem to be reboxed UK Pocketeers and were produced by a company called Top Toys.

And here are 2 "Geyper" games also kindly scanned by Darren Metz which are in Spanish (but are they from Spain?) plus Pocket Yam - no clue where that's from at all.

And the final one from my collection is a bit of a mystery - it looks like it's non-English and was produced by a company called WanDa.


Eventually, Palitoy stopped producing Pocketeers in the UK.  Certainly, in 1983/84, Hasbro purchased Palitoy UK and presumably TOMY did not want to sell their games through Hasbro.  Anyway, at some point later, TOMY decided to market the games directly in Europe.   From that point, no commercial adjustment was done for the European market other than to sell the games on rather unattractive card packaging with a few words on the reverse side of the card in several languages.  The game instructions were to be found on the back of the game itself, US style and the term "Pocketeer" was no longer used.  Mostly, they were just re-releases of old US games.  However, a very few seem to be new designs.  The following is a list which is believed to be complete.  The vast majority of the credit for this list goes to Jules Burt of Jules' Classic Video Games Collection who obtained almost all of these games for me in April 1999.

UK Release          

Baseball (2)
PassThePuckT.jpg (5260 bytes)
Pass the Puck
BasketballPocketGameT.jpg (4429 bytes)

Clown Catcher
WheelOfFortuneT.jpg (6351 bytes)
Wheel of Fortune
TargetRangeT.jpg (5248 bytes)
Target Range

HotShotSoccerT.jpg (4767 bytes)
Hot Shot Soccer


Catch A Caterpillar

Dragon Trap

Secret Passage

TouchdownT.jpg (6145 bytes)
ShootingGalleryT.jpg (6140 bytes)
Shooting Gallery
CopterFlightT.jpg (4452 bytes)
Copter Flight

Robot Factory

Kevin Pease sent me some scans of some other UK games viz:

Mr Mouth is slightly curious because there is no record of this ever having been released in the UK.


In the US, after Tomy had finished releasing the games, they seemed to sell the rights to at least two other companies who trundled on selling them without the slightest flicker of imagination. Here are some examples of Milton Bradley Pocketfuls and a Coleco Pocketful (actually Tomy also released some games under the name Pocketful as well and one of those is also shown):



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