Pocketeers - The UK List Part 3

Name Cat. # on back of UK box (if none, then text on back of box is indicated) Thumb scan of game Year on back of game Comment + Order in which I obtained them Cartoon Character
tremorn.jpg (9622 bytes) 31370 None evident 27 tremorc.jpg (11745 bytes)
pileupn.jpg (10181 bytes) 31371 None evident 28.  By this time, video games were just going mass market and this is the first effort to simulate a video game.  See also SPACE INVADER later. pileupc.jpg (11993 bytes)
bighitn.jpg (10642 bytes) 31372 None evident 25 bighitc.jpg (11470 bytes)
gobblen.jpg (9441 bytes) 31373 None evident 24 gobblec.jpg (11045 bytes)
SpaceInvaderN.jpg (10060 bytes) 31374 None evident 30 SpaceInvaderC.jpg (11538 bytes)
SplashDownN.jpg (11746 bytes) 31375 None evident 29 SplashDownC.jpg (13042 bytes)
TimeTrapN.jpg (10147 bytes) Large Para   32 TimeTrapC.jpg (10482 bytes)
MoonshotN.jpg (9496 bytes) Large para   33 MoonshotC.jpg (10691 bytes)
CatnMouseN.jpg (9748 bytes) Large para   34 CatnMouseC.jpg (10614 bytes)
MonkeyPuzzleN.jpg (11458 bytes) Large para   35 MonkeyPuzzleC.jpg (10648 bytes)
MutineerN.jpg (9930 bytes) Large para   36 MutineerC.jpg (11232 bytes)
DerbyDayN.jpg (8676 bytes) Large para   37 DerbyDayC.jpg (11187 bytes)
StuntBikeN.jpg (9606 bytes) Small para   39 StuntBikeC.jpg (10330 bytes)
vampiren.jpg (9216 bytes) Small para   40 vampirec.jpg (11337 bytes)
BasketBall2N.jpg (9980 bytes) Small para   41.  Not to be confused with the 2 player game produced much earlier. BasketBall2C.jpg (12541 bytes)

"Large para" refers to a paragraph on the rear of the box of some of the games.  It is a lengthy legal paragraph and since only 6 of the games have boxes that feature it, I deduce that these 6 came out in one batch.   I also know from my records that these six came out after Splash Down, the final Pocketeer produced with a category number.  (Feb 2004: this is now confirmed from the 1981 Palitoy catalogue).

"Small para" refers to a similar but smaller legal paragraph, unique to just three of the game boxes.  Since I know that these three came out after the 6 showing the "Large para", I deduce that this batch was the final Pocketeer batch made.

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