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James Masters July 2003

It seems that originally in 1975, only 4 games were released in the USA, the first 4 in this list.  A year later, 2 more games were added to the list.   By 1978, the set consisted of a total of 24 games.  The chronology has been deduced from the Tomy dealer catalogues which were used to produce a list of US Pocket game catalogue information.

USA games were sold both loose and in packets like the one shown to the right. Tomy Pocket Games have also been sold in the UK after the Pocketeer era. 'Golf Game' is the only Tomy Pocket Game for which there is no evidence of any US release (but this was released after the Pocketeer era in the UK and probably in other places as well).

In compiling this list I had to take some decisions and define some terms. If a game appears under more than one name but it's appearance doesn't change at all, then it's not counted as a different game. Otherwise things get a bit out of hand. For instance, many of the early game are referred to with and without the prefix 'Pocket'. On the other hand, we have been strict with fairly minor cosmetic differences - the borderline cases where this strictness has been applied are:

  • When Pinball was renamed to Lucky Ball this is counted as different because the new name was inscribed on the game.
  • 2 different colours of Dragon Trap
  • 2 different colours of Tic Tac Score
TimesUp(AmericanPacket).jpg (17517 bytes)
Game on front of Box US catalogue / flyer first appeared in Thumb scan of game  
Pocket Pinball (13 holes, top flicker) 1975 U
Pocket Pachinko / Pocket Tic Tac Score (yellow) 1975 (renamed to Tic Tac Score in 1978) pinballt.gif (7719 bytes) U. Flicker lost spring

Pocket Raceway / Racing Game

Much later UK version has same appearance but is called Stock Car Star)


(Renamed to Racing Game in 1977 or 1978)

In Box & UKC
Baseball (early version) 1975 BaseballGameT.gif (8681 bytes) B
Pocket Soccer Spring 1975 BaseballGameT.gif (8681 bytes) B
Basketball (1 player) Spring 1975 U
Lucky Ball (13 holes) Spring 1975 U
Time's Up 1977 B
Turn 'n' Tilt 1977  
Basketball (2 player) 1977 U
Marble Catch 1978 MarbleCatchT.gif (7995 bytes)  
Lucky Ball (9 holes) 1978 U
Pocket Slot 1978 PocketSlotT.gif (8171 bytes) B
Solitaire 1978    
Chinese Checkers


Puzzlers 1978    
Pro Soccer 1978 ProSoccerT.gif (7698 bytes) UKC
Pocket Rally 1978  
Dice Trap 1978 DiceTrapT.gif (8528 bytes) B
Target Range 1978 TargetRangeT.gif (7593 bytes) B + UKC
Kissing Game 1978 U
Derby 1978 TheDerbyT.gif (7924 bytes) B


1978 Pachinko1T.gif (8594 bytes) U
Shooting Gallery 1978 ShootingGalleryT.gif (9807 bytes) B, UKC
Election 1978 ElectionDayT.gif (7388 bytes)  
Loop Shot 1978 reboundt.gif (8396 bytes)  

Pocket Fishing / Gone Fishin' (Timer version)

1978 (renamed to Gone Fishin' at unknown date)

Pocket Poker 1978

Feed The Frogs 1979 FeedTheFrogsT.gif (9653 bytes) B
Sentence Nonsense 1979 U
Pass The Puck 1979 PassThePuckT.gif (9138 bytes) B
Cracked Crab 1979 CrackedCrabT.gif (7772 bytes) B
Letter Loose 1979 LetterLooseT.gif (8135 bytes) U
Bi Plane Battle 1979 B
Secret Passage 1979 U
Frog Fight 1979 B
Obstacle Course 1979 U
Pacman 1980 pacmant.gif (7724 bytes) U
Pocket Tic Tac Score (Green)

Spring 1980

U (cracked case)
Clam's Casino Spring 1980 ClamsCasinoT.gif (7657 bytes) U
Moto-Cross Spring 1980 MotoCrossT.gif (8412 bytes) UKC
Batting Practice Spring 1980  
Magnet Target Spring 1980 B
Amazing Maze Spring 1980 AmazingMazeT.gif (8294 bytes) B
Space Invasion Spring 1980 SpaceInvasionT.gif (6564 bytes) B
Seal Circus Spring 1981 U (right hand riser broken)
Mouse House Spring 1981    
Maze Craze Spring 1981    
Pop Up Pirate Spring 1981  
Horsing Around Spring 1981  
Pocket Pachinko (timer version) Spring 1981 Pachinko2T.gif (8419 bytes) U
Flip Flop Faces 1981 FlipFlopFacesT.gif (8192 bytes)  
Star Shooter / Galaxian 1981 (The US release is called Star Shooter but the 1981 catalogue pictures what appears to be the Japanese Pocketmate version of the game called Galaxian. Tomy catalogues sometimes did picture the Japanese version of the game and so I believe that the only version released in the US was called Star Shooter). U
Fishing / Fool Around Fishin' (magnetic fishing game) 1981 (renamed in 1982 to Fool Around Fishin') Fool Around Fishin'  
Clown Catcher 1983 flyer UKC
Catch a Caterpillar 1983 flyer U
Space Shuttle (oscillating) 1983 flyer  
Turtle Tunnel 1983 flyer    
Wheel of Fortune
WheelOfFortuneT.jpg (6351 bytes) UKC
Rack 'Em Up
Scooter Ball
Fall 1985
Robot Factory Fall 1985 RobotFactoryT.gif (8315 bytes) U (cracked case)
Touchdown Fall 1985 TouchdownT.gif (8838 bytes) UKC
Copter Fight Fall 1985 C & UKC
Burger Catch
Fall 1985
Fall 1985
Dragon Trap (Red)

Fall 1985


This may be a misleading picture. c.f. Galaxian. Possibly only the yellow version was actually released.  
Dragon Trap (Yellow) 1986 DragonTrapT.gif (8626 bytes) U
Space Shuttle (revolving) 1986  
Baseball (later version)
Golf Game Not seen in any US catalogue. Only found in UK after Pocketeer era UKC

Total of 71 games

On UK Card






Chinese Checkers?



Batting Practice

Mouse House

Maze Craze

Fishing (Magnetic)

Space Shuttle (oscillating)

Space Shuttle (revolving)

Turtle Tunnel







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